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The brief for Eurast's new website was as follows: Create a website that aligns with the new branding, featuring a youthful and clean tone of voice and aesthetics to convey the professionalism of the team. To accomplish this, we commenced with a market analysis, followed by the creation of wireframe designs, user testing to ensure the interface's functionality and error detection, and concluded with the final interface design.


The navigation is geared towards obtaining visitor contact information without employing an overly aggressive approach, considering that most visitors initially arrive at the website through social media campaigns.


As a young company with a limited number of employees, it was imperative to emphasize the professionalism and expertise of the team members. Thus, we dedicated an entire section to case studies, each linked to a specific team member, outlining their areas of expertise.

Villa karolina

Web design for a vacation home on Garda Lake, with a user interface focused on showcasing all the services and amenities the property offers to guests, concluding with the booking process.

streaming platform

Design proposal for a streaming platform, developed during the Master of Web and App Design at Labasad.

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