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Rebranding & Digital

Eurast, a service company specializing in subsidized finance and innovation, faced the challenge of revitalizing our communication with a distinctive and original tone that would differentiate us from competitors. This led us to embrace a conversational and playful tone of voice, integrated into all aspects of our communication, both textual and visual. This approach cultivated a unique and memorable style that fostered stronger customer connections

Eurs Branding


To kick off Eurast's rebranding, we initiated the process by establishing fundamental graphic elements, introducing a new color palette suitable for both print and digital media, and selecting fonts that conveyed the youthful energy and dynamism of the company.


Subsequently, we redesigned all branding materials, including business cards, email signatures, and collateral for the sales team, in addition to creating a stand design for industry events.


Once Eurast's new image was defined, the next pivotal step in establishing the company as an industry leader in the innovation sector was the complete overhaul of its website. The redesign placed a strong emphasis on enhancing the user experience and showcasing Eurast's extensive history and professionalism through a comprehensive collection of case studies on the blog


A blend of engaging content and content marketing creates heightened interest among the public, who not only follow Eurast's social media because they are interested in what the company has to say, but also because both resonate with the same language.


In order to depart from the typical, uninspiring newsletters that often end up in the trash or are flagged as spam, we crafted a series of newsletters featuring impactful messages and graphics. These were complemented by precise, detailed text to instill confidence in our customers.

To illustrate the effectiveness of these newsletters, I'd like to share the words of one of our customers: "Complimenti, era fatta così bene che non l'ho cancellata automaticamente."

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