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Rebranding & Digital

Eurast is a service company that focuses on subsidized finance and innovation. The challenge was to revisit communication in an original key that would stand out from competitors. Therefore, a colloquial and fun tone of voice was implemented. 

Eurs Branding


To start with the rebranding of Eurast, we began by defining the basic graphic elements, a new color palette (adapted to print and digital) and a combination of fonts that conveyed the energy and dynamism of this young company.

From this, all the branding material was redesigned: from business cards, mail signatures and support material for the commercial team to the design of a stand for the sector's events.


Once Eurast's new image was defined, the next step to position itself as a reference company in the innovation sector was to update the website. This was redesigned from scratch, with special emphasis on optimizing the user experience and to show (through all the case studies of the blog) the long history and professionalism of Eurast.


A mix of engaging content and content marketing. This combination generates greater interest in the public, who not only follow Eurast's social networks because they are interested in what the company has to say, but also because both of them speak the same language.


It was necessary to break away from the typical boring newsletters that end up in the trash or are detected as spam. For this we designed a series of newsletters with a powerful message and graphics, followed by a precise and detailed text that compensates and generates security in customers. 

As an example of how these newsletters have worked, I repeat the words of one of our customers: "Complimenti, era fatta così bene che non ho cestinato la mail in automatico"

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